I’m Jon Allegrezza, and I’ve been making pictures, moving pictures, and
moving picturesthat sells stuff for over fifteen years now, and if you
own a business, I want to help you be one of those selling-stuff people.

As you can see, I’m kinda still unpacking, so until my real site and content is up, enjoy a little snack platter of recent work, and check back often.

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Dr Westchesterson
The Greatest Story Ever Told

Animation/Editing: Soldier of Media
Director of Photography:  Nino Del Padre   delpadre.com

Track available on Dr. Westchesterson’s Soundcloud

Fenway Golf
“It’s Fenway Fun!” ’16 

Animation: Soldier of Media
Script: Dave Goff – goffmedia.com
Director of Photography/Editing:  Dave Brinnel – davescreative.com

American Pest Solutions

Animation: Soldier of Media
Script: Dave Goff – goffmedia.com

“Brisco and the Hammer”

Animation: Soldier of Media

Netflix – Youtube commercial 
“Mounds of Rivers”
for Del Padre Digital

Animation/Script/VO: Soldier of Media