Who am I?

Well, technically, this whole site is about YOU, and what *I* can do for YOU, but if you’re a little curious about the “I” in that question, well alright then…

I’m Jon Allegrezza.

When people ask what I do, I usually have to give them either a nonsensical answer of “animatorillustratordesignerdeveloperperson” (which is also a clumsy haiku), or a more concise “media developer”.   During the thirteen-plus years of screen stare-downs and pixel-kicking, I’ve had the privilege to work and learn from some great people and brands, like Lego, NASA, Netflix, and more.
While working for ad agencies, I had to learn to wear a Dr.Seussian-like stack of hats such as web designer, 3D modeler, 2D animator, light programmer, and probably a couple of other disciplines that have been retired to the dustbin of internet obsolesce (looking at you, Flash…we had fun).

In 2012, I went into broadcast news promotions (basically, my job was to persuade/panic you into watching the news) and got into the hustle-and-bustle of the news machine.  While it was a fast-paced environment where there’s always something to do, having to animate the latest horror (which seem to come at an accelerated rate as time went on) wears on you.  After a physical move away from the station, I felt it was time for a new start and make my skills available again to the world at large.

When not making things and springs, i’m usually watching pro wrestling (hence some of the stuff in the virtual reality art section), both live or on the tube, seeing plays and museums, or just chilling with my wife Kristin and our four dogs. woof!

Ok, So Why “Soldier Of Media”?

Just so we’re on the level here, I make no claim to performing any military service.  The “soldier” comes from the tenacity, intensity, and grit a warrior shows on the battlefield that I will demonstrate during the development your projects.  There’s no corner unchecked, no project goal left behind.

Plus, I thought it sounded cool.