Who am I?

Well, technically, this whole site is about YOU, and what *I* can do for YOU, but if you’re a little curious about the “I” in that question, well alright then…

I’m Jon Allegrezza.

When people ask what I do, I usually have to give them either a nonsensical answer of “animatorillustratordesignerdeveloperperson” (which is also a clumsy haiku), or a more concise “media developer”.   During the thirteen-plus years of screen stare-downs and pixel-kicking, I’ve had the privilege to work and learn from some great people and brands, like Lego, NASA, Netflix, and more.
While working for ad agencies, I had to learn to wear a Dr.Seussian-like stack of hats such as web designer, 3D modeler, 2D animator, light programmer, and probably a couple of other disciplines that have been retired to the dustbin of internet obsolesce (looking at you, Flash…we had fun).

In 2012, I went into broadcast news promotions (basically, my job was to persuade/panic you into watching the news) and got into the hustle-and-bustle of the news machine.  While it was a fast-paced environment where there’s always something to do, having to animate the latest horror (which seem to come at an accelerated rate as time went on) wears on you.  After a physical move away from the station, I felt it was time for a new start and make my skills available again to the world at large.

Ok, So Why “Soldier Of Media”?

Just so we’re on the level here, I make no claim to performing any military service.  The “soldier” comes from the tenacity, intensity, and grit a warrior shows on the battlefield that I will demonstrate during the development your projects.  There’s no corner unchecked, no project goal left behind.

Plus, I thought it sounded cool.