Soldier of Media - Animation

Animation Today…for a Better Tomorrow

Everyone loves cartoons.  At least decent humans with loving hearts do.  Animation allows for magic that would blow your entire budget on a single shot recreating it in real life.  Explore these various long-form animation projects, animated by the Solider of Media, and let the possibilities of what YOUR project can be like flow.

And of course, when you’re done looking and dreaming, contact SOM and let your dream come alive!

The Greatest Story Ever Told Music Video
Animation: Soldier Of Media
Words/Music/Concept: Dr. Westchesterson
Director of Photography: Nino Del Padre
Special Thanks to Corrine DeWinter for the shooting space

Western Massachusetts hip-hop artist/botanist of the sticky-icky, Dr Westchesterson, lays down the historic beats for this animated video.  Portraying a (sorta-kinda) fictional history of the controversial plant through four acts, the Soldier of Media went to work on tons and tons of drawings, animations, 3D modeling, and VFX.  The result is a densely-packed (over 60 characters appear into just under four minutes!) hip-hop trip through time that’ll leave you giggling (from the lyrics and visuals, of course…)

The Night That Almost Ruined Christmas
Script: David Goff
Audio and Post Production: Dave Brinnel
Art & Animation: Soldier Of Media
VO: Lee Gordon

The Grinch?  Rudolph?  Those stop-motion things from the 70’s?  Obsolete! Your new Christmas favorite is here.  With lush Christmas card-like painting and animation, Dave Goff tells us a tale of one family who’s patriarch lets loose a possible Christmas spoiler from his..well….just watch and enjoy.