For decades, we’ve watched stories, be transported to amazing worlds of fantasy, and lived moments that touched our lives.

All that power and emotion. Held captive inside a 2D portal.  You’re never “inside”, you’re just watching it unfold through a window.  A window that “looks” where it wants to, and tell what it wants to tell.

That’s not how reality works.  Or at least, that’s not how it has to be anymore.

VR (Virtual Reality) is art and storytelling’s next evolutionary step.  Walk through the window right into the story.  Surround yourself or your customer with the sights, the sounds, and the emotion of a 360 degree virtual environment.  Go for a ride through the fantastic (or “realistic”, if you wanna be that way), as the VR world tells the story all around you, where you’re free to visually explore in all directions.

Click on an image to visit each sculpture.
Use your mouse to pan, zoom, and fly around the environment.
If you’re on your phone, swipe and pinch to move around.

Lost In Space Ghost

Genesis of The Next Galaxy

The New Tower of Babel, featuring Donald Trump
(scroll back on your mouse wheel to get the full effect)

Personal Self-Portrait 

WWE’s Wyatt vs Hardy

Communion With The Cold